Agency Trans. Department of Transportation  

Chapter 1. Specialized Transportation Assistance Program For Counties
Chapter 2. Elderly And Disabled Transportation Capital Assistance Program
Chapter 3. Urban Mass Transit Operating Assistance Program; Procedures For Counting Passenger Trips
Chapter 4. Urban Mass Transit Operating Assistance Program
Chapter 5. Rideshare Assistance Program
Chapter 6. Rural And Small Urban Area Public Transportation Assistance Program
Chapter 8. Allocation Of Federal Public Transit Assistance Program Funds To Urbanized Areas Under 200,000 Population
Chapter 28. Harbor Assistance Program
Chapter 29. Utility Facilities On Department Of Transportation Railroad Property
Chapter 30. Railroad And Public Utility Alteration And Relocation Loan Program
Chapter 31. Rail Passenger Excursions On State-Owned Rail Lines
Chapter 54. Advance Land Acquisition Loan Program For Airports
Chapter 55. Conditions Of State Aid For Airport Improvement
Chapter 56. Erection Of High Structures
Chapter 57. Standards For Airport Siting
Chapter 100. Accident Reporting And Safety Responsibility
Chapter 101. Demerit Point System And Graduated Driver License Restriction Extensions
Chapter 102. Operator's Licenses And Identification Cards
Chapter 103. Habitual Traffic Offenders
Chapter 104. Examination Procedures For Operator's License
Chapter 105. Licensing Of Driver Schools And Instructors
Chapter 106. Certification Of Traffic Safety Programs And Instructors
Chapter 107. Driver Licensing Of Persons With Chemical Abuse Or Dependency Problems
Chapter 112. Medical Standards For Driver Licensing And General Standards For School Bus Endorsements
Chapter 113. Administrative Suspension Of Operating Privilege For Operating A Motor Vehicle With A Prohibited Alcohol Concentration
Chapter 114. Uniform Traffic Citation
Chapter 115. Third Party Testing
Chapter 117. Occupational Driver's License
Chapter 118. Employer Notification Program
Chapter 119. Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator Alcohol Use Restrictions
Chapter 126. Municipal Or County Vehicle Registration Fee
Chapter 127. School Bus Trip Permit
Chapter 128. Traffic Violation And Registration Program
Chapter 129. Motorcycle Licensing And Courses
Chapter 130. Special Identification Cards And Special Registration Plates For Physically Disabled
Chapter 131. Motor Vehicle Inspection And Maintenance Program (MVIP)
Chapter 132. Temporary License Plate And Permits
Chapter 133. Telephone Authorization For Quarterly Or Consecutive Monthly Registrations
Chapter 134. Authorized Special Groups
Chapter 135. School Bus Oxidation Catalyst Grant Program
Chapter 136. Motor Vehicle Salvage
Chapter 137. Motor Vehicle Manufacturer's Licenses
Chapter 138. Dealer Facilities, Records, And Licenses
Chapter 139. Motor Vehicle Trade Practices
Chapter 140. Motor Vehicle Dealer Financial Eligibility And Bond Claim Requirements
Chapter 141. Electronic Processing Of Motor Vehicle Titles And Registrations By Motor Vehicle Dealers
Chapter 142. Recreational Vehicle Dealer Trade Practices, Facilities And Records
Chapter 143. Standards For Certification Of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers' Informal Dispute Settlement Procedures
Chapter 144. Licensing Periods And Fees For Dealers,Manufacturers And Salespersons
Chapter 145. Neighborhood Electric Vehicle
Chapter 146. Vehicle Registration And Fuel Trip Permits
Chapter 147. Buyer Identification Cards For Motor Vehicle Salvage Pool Participants
Chapter 148. Electronic Recording And Release Of Liens By Non-Individual Creditors
Chapter 149. Inspection Of A Homemade, Reconstructed Or Repaired Salvage Vehicle
Chapter 150. Leasing Of Vehicles By Private Carriers
Chapter 152. Wisconsin Interstate Fuel Tax And International Registration Program
Chapter 154. Vehicle Odometer Disclosure Requirements
Chapter 155. Vehicle Identification Number Inspection
Chapter 156. Automated Processing Partnership System Program
Chapter 157. Titling Of Vehicles Held By Trusts
Chapter 175. Rental Companies
Chapter 176. Motor Carrier And School Bus Insurance Certification Requirements
Chapter 177. Motor Carriers
Chapter 178. Unified Carrier Registration System
Chapter 195. Fees And Procedures For Searches And Documentation Of Division Of Motor Vehicle Records
Chapter 196. Counter Service And Special Handling Service For Certificates Of Title And Registration
Chapter 197. Proof Of Insurance Certifications
Chapter 198. Motor Vehicle Convenience Fees
Chapter 200. Erection Of Signs On Public Highways And Handicapped Parking Signs
Chapter 201. Control Of Outdoor Advertising Along And Visible From Highways On The Interstate And Federal-Aid Primary Systems
Chapter 202. Wisconsin Scenic Byways Program
Chapter 204. Existing Town Road Improvement Standards
Chapter 205. County Trunk Highway Standards
Chapter 206. Local Roads Improvement Program
Chapter 207. Design And Construction Of Municipal Highway Bridges In Or Over Navigable Streams
Chapter 208. State Trunk Highway Location Process
Chapter 209. Highway And Bridge Project Selection Process
Chapter 210. Major Highway Project Numerical Evaluation Process
Chapter 212. Standards For The Inspection Of Bridges In Wisconsin
Chapter 213. Local Bridge Program
Chapter 214. Town Road Bridge Standards
Chapter 215. Local High-Cost Bridge Projects
Chapter 220. Utility Facilities Relocation
Chapter 230. Permits For Loads Exceeding Size, Weight, And Vehicle Combination Limits
Chapter 231. Permits For Driveways And Alterations In State Trunk Highways
Chapter 233. Division Of Land Abutting A State Trunk Highway Or Connecting Highway
Chapter 250. Oversize And Overweight Permits For Vehicles And Loads
Chapter 251. Vehicle Weight Authorized By Multiple Trip Permits
Chapter 252. Escort Vehicles
Chapter 253. Multiple Trip Overweight And Oversize Permits For Vehicles Operating Near The Wisconsin-Michigan Border
Chapter 254. Single Trip Permits For Oversize Or Overweight Vehicles Or Loads
Chapter 255. Multiple Trip Permits For Oversize Or Overweight Vehicles Or Loads
Chapter 256. Single Trip Trailer-Train Permits
Chapter 258. Seed Potato Overweight Permits
Chapter 259. Raw Forest Products, Fruits Or Vegetables Permits
Chapter 260. Single Trip Permits ForMobile Homes And Modular Building Sections
Chapter 261. Multiple Trip Permits ForMobile Home And Modular Building Sections
Chapter 262. Backhaul Permits
Chapter 263. Multiple Trip Overweight Permits ForVehicles Transporting Granular Roofing Materials
Chapter 269. Transportation Of Garbage Or Refuse PermitsAnd Transportation Of Recyclable Scrap Permits
Chapter 275. Application For And Issuance OfSingle Trip Permits By Telephone
Chapter 276. Size And Weight Of Vehicles And Vehicle Combinations
Chapter 277. Highway Salt Storage Requirements
Chapter 278. Vehicle Weight Limit Exceptions
Chapter 280. Roadside Vegetation Management
Chapter 300. Transportation Of School Children
Chapter 301. Human Services Vehicles (HSV)
Chapter 303. Equipment Standards For Special Vehicles
Chapter 304. Slow Moving Vehicle Emblem
Chapter 305. Standards For Vehicle Equipment
Chapter 306. Use Of Studded Tires
Chapter 307. Standards For Load Securement
Chapter 308. Requirements For Trailer And Semi-Trailer Brake, Hitch And Coupling, Safety Chains, Cables And Leveling Bars
Chapter 309. Ambulance Inspection
Chapter 310. Child Restraint Standards And Exemptions
Chapter 311. Breath Alcohol Testing, Approval And Permit Program
Chapter 312. Weigh Station Stopping Requirements
Chapter 313. Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices
Chapter 315. Safety Belt Usage: Physical Or Medical Exemption
Chapter 316. Wood Harvesting Slashers
Chapter 319. Towing of Unauthorized Vehicles on Private Property
Chapter 320. Calculation Of Fees For Special Events, Security, Traffic Enforcement And Escort Services
Chapter 325. Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
Chapter 326. Motor Carrier Safety Requirements For Transportation Of Hazardous Materials
Chapter 327. Motor Carrier Safety
Chapter 330. Motor Bus Equipment And Inspection
Chapter 400. Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act Procedures For Department Actions
Chapter 401. Construction Site Erosion Control And Storm Water Management Procedures For Department Actions
Chapter 403. Scholarship And Loan Repayment Incentive Grant Program
Chapter 404. Guarantee Of Mobilization Loans For Disadvantaged Businesses
Chapter 405. Siting Noise Barriers
Chapter 504. Debarment, Suspension And Ineligibility Of Department Of Transportation Contractors
Chapter 510. Transportation Facilities Economic Assistance And Development (TEA) Program
Chapter 512. Transportation Infrastructure Loan Program
Chapter 515. Contractual Service Procurement
Chapter ERules. Emergency Rules